9600gt problem

Im unable to play games. the screen gets struck after every 30sec and then gets normal and then gets struck again and goes on. I tried changing the os, it didnot work.

my pc specs:
xfx 9600gt 512 mb (no 6 pin connector)
amd 6000 (125w)
asus m2n68-am motherboard
2gb kingston ddr2 800mhz
zebronics pro 500w with dual rails (12v1 - 19A, 12v2 - 19A)
seagate 250gb hdd (7200rpm)
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  1. Are you sure you put the graphics card into your motherboard correctly. Try re - putting it in. Did you install the right drives for it? And lastly, try re connecting the DVI or VGA or HDMI cable from your card to your screen.
  2. Your problem is not connecting the 6 pin power connector. I don't see any 9600GT by XFX that doesn't require this connector. If your power supply doesn't have the proper connector you can use the adapter provided by XFX that came with the card.

    If that doesn't work correctly then your power supply may be too low quality to provide adequate power although I'm in doubts that's a problem.
  3. thanks for replying fizalx and englandr753. I am having a wire that came with the graphics card package. I donot know what to do with that. so i didnot connect it. Can it be a problem. If yes then how to go about....... please reply. thank you once again
  4. The cable i have is the one in the bottom left corner of the following image

  5. yup,its the one with the colourful cables.connect it to you power supply and then to you graphic card 6 pin port
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