Help! Windows 7 Random Freezes

Hello everyone.

I have recently ripped out the guts of my desktop and installed new mobo + cpu + ram + psu

Kept my 9800gtx.

Kept my 1TB WD SATA HD

Info about my bits:
Phenom 965 BE 3.4
Corsair Dominator XMS3 RAM 4GB (2 dimms)
ASUS M4A79T Deluxe

All drivers for all hardware are up to date.

Previously I was running XP Pro. Made the switch to Win 7.

After having installed all the new hardware and formatting my main HD and
putting a fresh Win 7 install on it, my comp freezes after 1 hour up to maybe 3 hours. It never freezes when I'm playing Crysis or Starcraft 2 (yeah I gotta beta key :P)

It only seems to freeze when my screen saver is up over night and I'm dl'ing various torrents. It's never under a major load when it freezes.

Researching the internets it seems like a lot of people have problems with voltage (or lack thereof). So I juiced the voltage a little on both my cpu and ram. (2 increments each) Windows seems to run a bit better but when I stress test with Orthos my comp IMMEDIATELY freezes. I'm talking 2 seconds into the test.

What gives? My PSU is 750w, more than enough for my setup. All hardware is new and out of the box. All drivers are up to date.

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  1. So what is the current voltage you are running at? For ram and CPU
  2. CPU was running 1.4v (auto in bios)

    RAM was running at 1.5 IIRC (also auto in bios)

    Now I have a new problem being the retard that I am I was fiddling with voltage increases and now the system isn't posting.

    How do you fix that? Remove batteries on the mobo to wipe settings and strat all over again?


    This is highly irritating as I had not changed a single setting prior to getting this problem...
  3. Yeah im having same problem as you.

    I actually have the same pc as you:

    Phenom 965 BE
    Same Corsair 4gb ram

    and Radeon 5770 GPU

    I tried everything from trying to manually set up the RAM in bios to reinstalling virus and firewall program. Also tried to clean the windows registry with a registry program, nothing really seems to help.
    Also when I am playing games this random freezing does not occur, but if im just doing random stuff in windows it starts, but it's really random. sometimes just a few seconds after i booted windows..
    It's really annoying me and I really want to find an answer :(
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