Name of site that tell size of G-cards ?

I saw a site that gave you the dimentions of the major brands of G-cards so you could just measure your available space to see if you could use any particular card in your machine, but then I forgot to bookmark it.
Anyone know the name of the site that I'm talking about ?
Something in the back of my mind tells me that they also gave the PSU requirements but that may have been a different site...seems that only some of the cards list MSR in the specs and hardly anything about the actual size of the cards is on any site like Newegg ,Tiger, Comp.
but you can go to the manufacturer's site for that info but I would like one site that list that info instead of bookmarking every manufacturer's site...
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  1. google :kaola:
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    I always have to Google for reviews... if the card is of unusual length (10+ inches) the sites will always mention their length and any difficulties installing in a normal mid-size case.
  3. Thanks for the info because Google is an idea that I've not used as I have quite
    a list of bookmarked refference sites and guides but I receintly saw that site used as a refference to answer a question on Yahoo Answers, but forgot to bookmark it.
    I guess till I find it that Google would be just as good...maybe even better cause I've asked if anyone had a particular HP computer and has ever tried to put a particular card into it and got no replies (the computer is my sons and he lives in a different place so I can't just measure it)
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