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I am overclocking my i5-3570k on a p8z77-v lk using a 212hyper evo. I reach 4.5ghz with max temps of 80C on 1.32V but I'ver heard that thats too much, so i went for 1.3V for 4.4Ghz on 77C. I am using offset of +0.95. Is this good?
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  1. Go back to stock voltage. High voltages will significantly decrease the lifetime of your CPU. You should have no trouble hitting 4.4ghz on stock.
    Sounds like you didn't install your 212 EVO correctly. How did your TC application compare to this?
  2. Remember when overclocked, IB runs up to 20C hotter than Sandybridge^^
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  4. The Tom's 3570K/3770K review put it around 10C. Anyway, I'd expect a 2500K to be in the 50s.
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