I can see my external hard drive in device manager, but not in my comp

My passport external drive was working fine yesterday. I started to make an image of my PC and the storing the image on the passport. I forgot to turn off the sleep cycle and the pc shutdown. When I rebooted Windows it will not show my passport drive in My computer. When I connect the USB, windows makes the sound like it sees the drive but does not show up. I can see the drive in device manager. When I click on the drive in device manager it shows an I/O error. Is there an I/O shortage or is this error a false message. Please send your response to my email: rmatheson58@gmail.com
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  1. Try the drive on another PC.
    If that also does not work, you can take out the drive from the case (if it's out of warranty), connect it directly to a PC, and see if that sees it.
  2. Go to disk manager and assign drive letter
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