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Sorry if this is an obvious question and has been answered before...Iv done a bit of searching and come up with no definitive answers!

So im building up a new computer. This is my first build so im thinking of starting off with a Barebones system to help me out a bit! The machine will be used for CAD most likely applications like Solidworks, Autocad and some other design related apps like SketchBookPro and Photoshop. Due to the CAD base im looking at using a workstation graphics card, probably the ATI FirePro V3750, but most of the barebones systems seem to come with mainboards that carry onboard nvidia graphics.

Will I have a problem running an ATI workstation card on a nvidia motherboard?

OS - Windows 7 64-bit
Motherboard - Biostar GF8200 M2+

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  1. That will be no problem at all you can use ATI card on Nvidia board and a Nvidia card on an AMD board just as long you are going single card.
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