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Toshiba Satellite laptop, cpu fan connector brokenof motherboard. I want to wiree fan to usb connection. don't care about fan speed reporting. I presume wires on fan are; red wire power 6v, 300 ma printed on fan, black wire ground, orange wire speed monitor. Does anyone know for sure? Does this sound like a good plan? I think the fan will power up only when computer is on and think it will run all the time(some only run when temp reaches a determined limitas a power saving measure)This sounds like a better plan than trashing the laptop or having it shut down from overheating, I am planning on also using a cool mat at all times the laptop is in use.
The fans on this are powered by a second usg port.
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  1. I think you might run into a problem with that. The bios might not even let the laptop turn on if it senses no fan for the CPU. In theory what you are gonna do should work just not sure if it will let you.
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