When copying music files to a usb what does too deep refer to?

Have been kicking around for a while, but seem to getting more useless all the time. Trying to download from Drive E to a USB Thumb Drive - Silicon Power 2GB via WMA Sync and virtually all the transferred songs end up with an Error Message - too deep cannot sync. Trying to move my wife's music onto a USB a late gift.
I am not at all handy with technology - is there anything simple I might do to solve this dilema other than buying a different brand of USB.
Thanks in advance.
Cheers and Happy Holidays!
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  1. It sounds like you're trying to move the music files into a folder that's too deeply nested, so that their file names, including the names of all the folders they're nested in, end up being longer than 260 characters (a Windows limitation).

    Try copying them into a folder that's higher up in the directory hierarchy so that the resulting filenames are shorter. For example, instead of copying them into:

    F:\Diannes Files\Christmas 2012\Music\Christmas Music\Vocals\Bing Crosby

    try copying them into:

    F:\Diannes Files\Music
  2. sminlal:
    Stewart here - Thanks for the prompt reply.
    Our son is here for the holidays and I had asked him to try to discover what the problem might be.
    He added the simple title - Music to Drive G - the Thumb Drive I am trying to copy and to save to.
    Even using this simple folder designation I am unable to shake the error message.
    Once again many thanks!
  3. I can't think of any other likely cause, given the message you described. Can you reproduce the entire error message you're getting in full, and can you give the full name of the software you're using to copy the files?

    Also, what's the full folder name on the hard drive where the files currently reside?
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