Blue screen on win7 64

hi please could anyone help me ... i keep getting a blue screen /memory dump and have a few question about my memory,
here are my specs

intel core i5 750@2.67Ghz / gigabyte p55-usl / corsair dominator ddr3 1600 2x2gb / ati radeon hd 3850 512mb / 550wt novatech psu

now i also have some questions regarding the memory it is 1600 mhz and is 1.8v but the mobo only reads it at 1066 mhz and 1.5v

please as i am fairly new to this and any help would be appreciated .
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    that is the blue screen of death i have only heard about never seen it on the release candidates just the beta test versions it was a problem that started in windows vista that did not effect vista but effects windows 7 have you called microsoft they have the best information for you.

    This issues has nothing to do with windows it is a hardware problem Microsoft will tell you the same.

    I am gonna go over your specs and post back in a few minutes.
  2. Ok your problem is that your gigabyte board only supports memory that is 1.5 volts if you go to gigabytes website you will see that your memory is not supported so that is why the voltage and speed is wrong. Until you change out your memory you will continue to get BSOD.

    This would be a good choice its on the gigabytes list and has 1.5volts. Always check for compatibility issues before buying something.:)
  3. thanks for the reply's and a special thanks to SAAIELLO i knew i rushed in to buying that memory and i think it is probably cheaper to replace the mobo than the memory so thanks btw i have only had the sytem 4 days lol so im gonna try my luck at returning it, thanks a lot
  4. Quote:
    well truthfully it does i just got off the fone with microsoft it is a issues that they have work out also. so check you stuff before knocking someone else.

    Umm no its not he has the wrong ram in his motherboard hence the reason why hes getting Blue Screen so get your facts straight before you post a comment. :non:
  5. LMAO good for you we have enough noobs here already. :lol:
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