Need help in chosing a graphic card

I know u might this question a lot. Frankly I like gaming and am looking to buy a new graphic card in a moderate range.

My comp specs are

OS: Win XP
Processor : E8400 3.0 GHz
Motherboard: Intel DG43NB
HDD: 250Gb (SATA)

the cards available in my range are
1) HIS ATI PCX 4850 ICE Q 4 512MB (256-BITS) DDRIII
5) XFX GeForce PCX GT 240 1GB (128-BITS) DDRIII
6) XFX GeForce PCX GTS 250 512MB (256-BITS) DDRIII
7) INNO3DGeForce PCX GT240 512MB (128-BITS) DDR5
8) INNO3DGeForce PCX 9800GT 512MB (256-BITS) DDRIII
9) INNO3DGeForce PCX 9800GT 1GB (256-BITS) DDRIII
10) HIS HD 5750 1GB (128bit) GDDR5 PCIe

Please help and feel to suggest as u like

P.S i am buying the card locally
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  1. What is your previous card?
  2. The strongest card there is the 4870 1GB, but the 5750 has DX11 support which may or may not be important to you.

    You'll need a quality 500W PSU.
  3. If you have a quality 500watt psu HD4870
    If you want DX11 HD5750
    If you have quality 400-450 watt PSU and not interested in DX11 but price/performance GTS250 or HD4850
    It is all based on the PSU!
  4. i dont have a graphic card presently ........ only the on boards (motherboards own built-in) graphic card ...... i will replace my PSU according to the graphic card i buy
  5. So the question is do you want the best performing card or do you want DX11?
    Since you are on XP you can not use DX11 go for the HD4870!
  6. If u aren't on a plan to use win7 then like rolli59 said, go for HD4870, and if your current PSU is not good enough then buy a PSU with high quality, like Corsair, Antec, OCZ, SilverStone...
  7. @ rolli
    right now i m just looking for the best performing card ...... but keeping in mind that i do plan to shift to win 7 in future
    So u are saying that bcoz i will change to win 7 then i should go for HD5750 ...... Will the HD4870 not work as well as HD4870 in win 7?????
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    The hd4870 supports DX10.1 it does not support DX11. The DX11 is not crucial for win7 but the general consensus is that it is nice to have for the games that support it. At this moment there are only two games out that support DX11.
    So HD4870 is going to work fine with Windows 7 and is the most powerful card you listed. The HD5750 is the only card that supports DX11 that you listed, for a little more ($25) you can get HD5770 with DX11 support and similar performance as the HD4870
  9. Here is a link to a performance summary of the cards
  10. @ rolli
    thks i think i should go for the 4870 ..... but will check if HD5770 is available locally ... thks for the link it is the best simplified graphic card performance review
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