Need help with a UPS

Hey all.

I just recently baught a UPS and noticed that there are a couple of connectivity options on it. There are a pair of RJ11 / RJ45 jacks and a DB9 jack. I was wondering what the DB9 or RS232 jack may be used for.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks :D
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  1. The DB9 or RS232 jack may be used for power outage monitoring via a serial cable that might not have been provided with the UPS.
  2. no i didnt get a cable with the UPS but i know i can manage one if i know what i'm going to look for and what is it used for? i know of a friend who has an APC UPS and it shutsdown the pc automatically saving any work. Is this possible via the DB9 connection?
  3. What UPS do you have? A UPS normally includes a serial or a USB cable. It's possible to use a DB9 cable (you need to get the correct one for your UPS), but you also need a comm port on your system.
  4. its a taiwanesse brand, Apollo - 1200VA (1200F)

    line interactive UPS f-series

    kinda looks like this but with the PC connectors in a different order,-1140f,-1200f,-1150r,-1200r---battery-12v9a-apo.jpg

    why would i need a com port? I have 2 rigs, 1 with an Intel DG965RY - i plan on connecting the UPS with the Intel rig, the other (Asus Rampage Extreme) rig already has an UPS. But i dont have a com port on any of the 2 rigs :S

    please advise
  5. The DG965RY has a 9-pin serial (comm) port. I know because I use that port to monitor a UPS. You'll have to get the correct serial cable from the UPS manufacturer.
  6. any precautions i need to do before i start looking for the cable?

    i just rechecked, theres no 9pin serial (comm) port on the back of the mobo, but there is a header for a serial port bracket.

    I'll try looking for the bracket as well as the UPS cable on the same day. But the problem here is...the serial headers are WAY up near the ram slots...i have a thermaltake armor case for the DG965RY only hoping the cables long enough for the bracket to reach the PCI slots.

    Oh and will i need any software for the UPS?

  7. My bad. You're correct as I use a serial port bracket. Make sure that you get the correct serial port bracket for that motherboard.
    Oh and will i need any software for the UPS?
    I can't answer that question because you didn't specify what OS you're running. If Windows XP, Vista or 7, then you don't. You only need to configure it. If an OS like Linux, then I don't know. Drivers should also be available from the manufacturer.
  8. OS: Windows 7-64bit Ultimate edition :) OK,i'll go of in search of hardware this Thursday - will keep you posted when i find them
  9. I went hunting for the cable - came across the bracket but the wire from the pins to the bracket is really short - how did you manage to get it into the backpanel/bracket?

    I have the DG965RY in a Thermaltake Armor JR with a xfx 7600GT card populating the first PCI slot.
  10. Serial cables are available in more than one length. Mine is barely long enough, but it is. If it works, then you could splice it to make it long enough to meet your requirements.
  11. Gotcha! going out this afternoon to check up on the bracket and cable. How can i splice the cable on the bracket?by soldering?
  12. Lutfij said:
    Gotcha! going out this afternoon to check up on the bracket and cable. How can i splice the cable on the bracket?by soldering?

    Cut it in the middle, splice it properly (soldering and heat shrinkable tubing) and it should work fine. Before you cut it, make sure that you have the correct serial cable because there are two types. This site sells both types and their cables certainly are long enough:
  13. Hey there bro! i finally found the time to get the cable spliced - Pheeeewwwwwww what a pain!

    I have the UPS installed into the com port and now Device manager states i need a driver for the serial port. Is it for the UPS or just a driver for the serial port ?

    I lost a link i had for the software monitoring the UPS, it was a third party i cant remember its name. Can you help out in that field as well :)?
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    Connect your computer or controller to the DB9 jack labeled “Control” using a DB9 male to female normal modem cable. This will make your UPS work.
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  16. :) forgot about this thread...thanks for your efforts! Got it running!
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