i had a 5750 tried to flash bios and did successfully but from WRONG vendor.
tried to do what this page says:
installed my nvidia card as primary held down insert and then tried to reflash to it said ERROR some numbers and said no adapter found .
i gotta fix this help please.
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  1. You were trying to flash the bios on your new GPU?
  2. yes and I've found the problem was that i was trying to flash my gpu by this command:
    atiflash -p -f 1 juniper.bin
    i had nvidia as primary and ati as secondary to reflash it.
    1 indicates the number of gpu in the command line.primary ati gets 0 and secondary gets 1.
    i thought with nvidia It's the same but atiflash doesn't count nvidia the correct one is:
    atiflash -p -f 0 juniper.bin
  3. So problem solved? May I ask why you are doing this?
  4. yeah.. that's weird when you are trying to flash your video card.. what for?
  5. well i saw a newer version bios in and thought maybe if i upgrade my graphic card crash less
  6. Did you make sure you had the latest drivers? Or try rolling to a previous version? That'd be my first move.
  7. yeah the crashes started since i was overclocking but i found a fix earlier
    i built a profile on ccc and then i went to
    then edited my profile and made idle and other clocks the same now my idle clock is 800 and my clock is 800 too
    since then i didn't had any crashes
    anyone else has crashes when overclocking or because of too low idle clocks can use this trick.
  8. For the record, updating your VGA BIOS for any reason other than overvolting or permanently overclocking without software intervention is really not something I'd recommend, and even then I'd not recommend it if you don't know exactly what you are doing and how to fix a bad flash completely blind. Actual bug fixes are extremely rare and are normally addressed via drivers.
  9. Yeah, I really do NOT recommend flashing your video card unless you absolutely know what you are doing. Most times this will void your warranty. If you are having an issue with your NEW card, send it back for a new one.

    I've flashed my BIOS one time to gain a better OC, but that was on an older card and it wasn't going to kill me if I toasted it. When you start to do that sort of stuff, you need to be prepared to accept the risk involved.
  10. i always go for risks (this enthusiasm is gonna get me in trouble)
    but i knew what i was doing.i made a mistake that doesn't make me a rookie
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