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Hi anyone using this model of mouse by powerlogic. its a basic gaming mouse with two side buttons. on the box itself only writes about the features of it but not the instruction and there's also no disc provided. any1 have any idea how to configure the side buttons for personal use? thanks in adv
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  1. I'm using that mouse too, can someone tell me how to configure the side buttons?
    Please email me thanks! :wahoo:
  2. Hi I've been using the GMX5 for a week and I must say that for it's price, it's a pretty decent mouse.

    Originally I bought it for gaming (CS / SC2 / DOTA) and while it's 'ok', I do feel that it's (light) weight is an issue (at least for me).

    The palm grip suits my style a lot, the laser mouse and the 2000 dpi doesn't disappoint either. Ergonomically the GMX5 does feels better than some of the more expensive gaming mouse that I've tried, and it glides nicely onto non-padded table surface as well.

    Overall, for it's price, I think that GMX is a very good entry level gaming mouse or for your usual office/work usage -- BUT if you're an avid gamer that's looking for a top-notch gaming mouse, then this Prologic mice isn't for you.


    Just for the records, the GMX surely cannot compare with the Lachesis | Naga | Kone, but it does its job nicely. If it has a tad more weight and a fuller palm grip, it'd be almost perfect, for me.
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