Hi all ,
I am gonna buy a laptop shortly. HP , Dell and THOSHIBA are in my list..and i prefer HP more..all of these are coming eithere with core 2 duo or i3. and 2.2 ghz ..with 3 gb ram.
All these are priced around US$940 but dell is bit cheaper and offer 4Gb ram too..
I thin i ll be using the unit more for gaming than working on it..
So now please assist me choosing a good one based on the processor , the company and the pricing..and for gaming too :p

Thank u ...
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  1. Well the I3 would be your best choice but if you want the laptop for gaming the video card is more of the determining factor here in your decision.
  2. +1 to saaiello

    If you're looking at gaming, the graphics is by far and away the determining factor for two main reasons:

    1) they tend to be lower performance than dekstop counterparts to begin with (and you pay a bigger premium)

    2) They generally cannot be upgraded meaning you're stuck with it untill you replace the laptop - so an adequate laptop GPU now may mean you need a whole new laptop in 6 months just to play modern games.

    Is there any reason it needs to be a laptop? have you considered a small form factor (SFF) pc or a 'lan-party' type pc? In many situations they're almost as easy to take to a friends house as a laptop, plus $-for-$ youll get better performance and more upgradability than a laptop.
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