Entire internal drive shows as EISA - can the data be recovered??


Last night I was running Partition Table Doctor on my Acer Laptop's internal D drive (Main data storage drive). An unexpected power outage interrupted the process and when I restarted the entire D drive was missing - it shows in Disc Manager, but without a drive letter and the whole disc is listed as EISA (Not a partition of it, the whole thing).
There is a lot of data that I'd like to recover from it, but I can't find any way to interact with it - partition software such as Active Partition Recovery doesn't even recognize the disk. Failing data recovery I'd settle for just getting my disc back - any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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  1. Hello dkjm74,
    Welcome to Forums!!

    Try what the "Best Answer" says - might resolve your issue - Good Luck!!!
  2. Thanks jsmakkar,

    I read the post you suggested and I ran Ubuntu from a usb drive - couldn't find any evidence of my D drive through Ubuntu.

    After rebooting in Windows as normal, I went to 'Disc Manager' and now there is nothing at all - not only is my D drive missing, but the letterless EISA drive that appeared after the accident is gone as well. All that's showing is my C drive.

    I put in the Acer recovery discs - and as soon tried to run the restore I got an error message that restoration had failed and the the system automatically restarted.

    So - at present there is no sign of my internal D drive, it has vanished totally and a can't use the recovery discs.

    I'm desperate for any help now,
  3. Just to wrap this up - the problem got worse and worse (Partition table was so messed up that finally the sysytem couln't find the operating system on booting!).

    A friend who is good with Linux used the USB bootable version of Ubuntu I have to go through the consloe and totally erase the partition table. That at least made it possible to use the 'Acer recovery discs' - So I've got a fresh install.

    Using Active data recovery though I can see most of my old data is still there, it@s going to be a long process, but it should be recoverable now.

    Case closed.
  4. Thanks for the update!!!
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