Card overheating on dual screen

I have a 5850 that runs around 40C on idle, but whenever i run a 22" second screen the temp jumps up 10 degrees to 50C+ on idle, is this normal?
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  1. The card is working harder so it is normal! Fifties is nothing to worry about.
  2. i thought cards these days don't really use any power just for 2D displaying, and 10C seems like a lot imo. Does anyone else uses 2 screens? does it affect temperature that much?
  3. My 4670 idles at 38C running 1440x900, adding a 1024x768 HDTV doesn't change it at all.
  4. Weird... is there any other settings maybe? the only thing i've done is on windows display resolution -> multiple display -> extend these displays. and running ultramon. Or any driver settings that's making it do more work on the second display?
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