Best 140mm fans for NZXT switch 810.

Hey guys.
I am looking for some high CFM 140mm PWM fans that will fit NZXT switch 810. Cant be too loud but i can sacrifice some silence for high airflow . I m going crazy form reading all those diffrent roundups which always favor diffrent fans I was thinking about Thermalright TY140 or 141 or 150 but it seems they wont fit NZXT switch 810... Please someone suggest something without motor/ vibrating / loop noises. I currently have Xigmatex XAF 1451 and they make grinding motor noises and 2 of them are dead already so im looking for a replacement. Location of fans : 2 front intake fans ,bottom intake ,1 back exhaust, 1 top exhaust. All fans can be with 12cm mounting holes.
I ll appreciate any help , i know there are so much topics about that but every topic says something diffrent. If i would be sure that TY141 or 140 or 150 would fit my case i would go with them but i am not sure and im really frustraded.
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