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basically i took a hardrive out from 1 computer and put it in the other and im getting this message when booting. The new computer is amd and my old one is intel. I dont want to format because it has very valuable documents on there. So if there is a work around plz tell me.
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  1. Moving an OS drive from one system to another rarely ever works. The drivers installed in the OS are for your other computer which is why it fails in a different system. Moving from intel to amd is a huge platform change.

    You may be able to get away with a repair install, but a clean install is always recommended when changing to a new system.
  2. yeh, put i cant risk a clean install. i looked on the net and found that setting the drivers to standard in drivers manager would make it boot but even that didnt work. I just want to make it boot.
  3. tried windows repair and everything possible and still no luck
  4. As stated, the platform change from intel to amd is a biggy. Just get a new drive for the amd system and clean install windows onto it, then attach this drive as a secondary drive and copy the necessary files off of it.
  5. i just did wat u said before u commented ;) . Thanks for ur help :hello:
  6. You've to take the hard disk in other computer and safe data then format the hard or boot it with windows 98 and safe file by using dose commands.

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