Cant install window 7 on GA-X58A-UD3r

Help Please...?
I can not install window 7 on my brand new GA-X58A-UD3R BOX. I am not trying to set up RAID or thing..., just a single WD Caviar Black as my main IDE and a SATA optical drive.
I am stuck at the step where windows wants to install to the hard disk(WD 10000LSRTL) but it's missing a driver.
WD's website claims that their drive is natively supported by window 7.

Any idea why this is happening....?
Thanks in advane
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  1. Which SATA port do you have the hard disk drive connected to? A port on the Intel ICH10R or the Marvell 9128 or the GIGABYTE SATA2 chip?

    What is the SATA Control Mode set to? IDE or AHCI?
  2. If I am "seeing" this correctly you have installed the primary HHD on the IDE and not the SATA ports? I would suggest that you disconnect everything except the minimum to run your system, restart into BIOS and "Load Optimized" (don't modify anything else), Exit & Save...Restart.
  3. I don't see how the WD10000LSRTL hard disk drive that has a Serial ATA-300 interface can be installed on the IDE port.

    When running a SATA device in AHCI mode you require an AHCI driver for the chipset/SATA controller chip that the SATA device is connected to.
  4. I didn't bother to check {read the OP info} --- Doesn't change any of my suggestions. The AHCI BIOS can be changed at anytime; fine make (1) ONE change to the initial BIOS ~ Integrated Peripherals -> ICH SATA Control Mode = [AHCI].
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