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I just got past the stage of dropping my motherboard into my case (ATX, Midtower) and I notice on the back of the case that there's a small gap at the bottom of the port holes on the I/O shield, as all the ports sticking through are shifted up.

They are all through the I/O Shield (the ports that need to be anyways) and I can JUST plug in everything, but these kinds of things do annoy me. I'd hope it wouldn't shift up any further, if it did I couldn't plug anything in.

I've checked all the standoffs and they are fully threaded and flush with the bottom of the case. I've re-seated the motherboard and screwed it in again (all the holes line up pretty much dead center) and still everything is shifted up with the ports.

I notice if I apply pressure (not too much) it'll shift down, then bounce back up again when I release.

So is there something I"m missing here, or is it just a defect, or something is warped a bit in either the case, mobo or I/O shield?

Any thoughts are appreciated. The last system I built was a budget case and mobo for someone else and everything fit perfectly, but these parts weren't and they don't seem to fit as good as the previous build.
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  1. Really stupid question, but gotta check...Did you use the motherboard's I/O shield or are you trying to just use the case's generic one?

    Helps to know the case and board.

    I know when I built my current build, I had something simliar happen, but once the board was screwed down and secured, there wasn't an issue. It just didn't seem to fit right until I had actually put the screws in.
  2. Some cheap cases have raised areas where the mobo attaches. Standoffs are not needed with those cases, as they would be with cases where the mobo tray is flat. What case are you using for this build?
  3. It's the motherboards I/O shield. The case didn't even come with a shield put in. They made it really dummy proof in that way I'd imagine. I've got it lined up and screwed in snug at the moment.

    Motherboard is a Gigabyte P55A-UD4P ATX LGA1156 and the case is a Coolermaster Storm Sniper Black Edition Mid Tower ATX Case Black

  4. Hmmm, no, that case is flat; the standoffs are needed. Is the case out of alignment? Anything need to be "popped" back into place?
  5. Everything else has fit perfectly. Just this one issue.
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    Remove the side panel under the mobo tray and sight along that edge. See if there's a seam back there on which the tray is resting, making it a little too high.
  7. Great, I hope that means you got it fixed.
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