How to make the gpt hard disk into ntfs hard disk

i got new ACER travel mate 47502 notebook,
config. core B950 processor(2.1 Gh, 2MB L3 cache)
2. 3 GB DDR3 memory
2. 320 GB HDD

My problems run like this..
1. whenever i try to install win XP, it stop installing
2. Installing win7 ultimate , could not allow to make partition
also without partition(single drive), it can't install
saying that " the hard disk is in GPT, please enable the bios to boot"
kinda like that!!!

i have done all the bios settings .... but could not find the GPT setting :(

any solution will be much appreciated, reply soon
regards, Songja
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  1. You can't install XP on a GPT partitioned hard drive, XP doesn't support it; you could use something like PartedMagioc or GParted to remove the existing partitioning and re-create it using MBR.
    Before you do it make 100% sure you know what you are doing! you will lose any diagnostic or recovery partitions, you will also need all the relevant XP drivers, it's almost guaranteed XP will not support many of the hardware devices.
  2. A video or screenshot tutorial is much appreciated..if possible.!...Learning it from here could my day and my friends better..! Thank you justsomejoe, its good 2 know that, really! :D
  3. In addition, win 7 can only boot from a GPT partitioned disk if your motherboard supports EUFI. Also, NTFS is the format type, not the partition structure. An MBR partitioned disk can be NTFS just as well as GPT disks can be formatted NTFS.
  4. is there any possible way to install windows XP on my laptop???/..
    may be just the bios setting..please!
    what sud be the BIOS order to instsll xp?//
    thank you once again..!
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