Hi guys
ive just installed a pentium G620 on a gigabyte GAH61MA-DV2 mobo and since i thought i had no 1155 3rd party cpu cooler ive used the stock cooler that came with the cpu
however while looking on aria and ebuyer retail websites i noticed the coolermaster TX3 ( ) does support socket 1155.... but when i checked the manual ( which i still have ) it only states 1156 and 775 support
since i was previously using this on my last pc with the pentium dual core E5700 if it does support 1155 then i shall use it with the g620
so can anyone confirm the coolermaster TX3 supports socket 1155...
any assistance will be much appreciated
cheers guys
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  1. yeah it better cause i just ordered one for my i3 hahaha, but heres some evidence,3247-3.html
  2. It definitely supports LGA 1155. The hole distance for LGA 1155 is the exact same as for LGA 1156.

    Compatibility Intel Socket LGA 775/1156/1155
    AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2/AM3
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