HIS ATI Radeon HD 4870 - 1GB

Hello, I was wondering what some of your opinions were on this graphics card right here

I'm ordering it soon, and am going to use it to run in crossfire with a Sapphire Vapor-X 4870 card.

Has anyone that might use/have used this 4870 had any major problems with it?
How is the cooling/warranty?

Just share your experience or opinion on it.

EDIT: I'm also wondering how much air this might circulate back into my case, but that still should be too much of a problem as I'm missing a side on my case.. :|
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  1. Great card, price is mediocre (they used to be ~$155 w/ free shipping). I have a 4870 1GB by Sapphire and it runs great.
  2. Prices do suck, but on newegg it's the only 1GB model.

    Also, I was asking specifically about that card, not the 4870 models, I already have a 4870. :B
  3. Also, bump, so I can get some more information hopefully.
  4. The Vapor-X will cool better, so maybe you want to put that under this card.
  5. Bump, so I can get some more information
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