Good mobo for the i5 760

Hi people!

so I'm in a process of building a new computer and i need a suggestion... what mobo would go best with the i5 760?

I'm going to OC and crossfire as well
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    Umm... ASUS's P7P55D & P7P55D-E lines are excellent. i also just bought a i5-760 for just $199 CAD off NCIX price match)!

    They range from a bit over $100 to $200+ depending on the specific model.
    I recommend you get a P7P55D-E as they have USB3.0 and SATA3 6GB/s built in as opposed to regular P7P55D.

    However, if you don't really dig these features then grabbing a P7P55D can save a noticeable amount of cash or you can
    buy a better edition (PRO, EVO, DELUXE, PREMIUM).

    With regards to the different editions, there's 6 for each line (which may seem intimidating) but basically it boils down
    to either the regular (NO SLI) or PRO (SLI ready) version depending if you want SLI graphics support. The regular does have crossfire but it only runs at 4x mode which is shitty. The PRO has full dual 8x/8x mode for your crossfire.

    The LE or LX edition is the cheapest and most basic but lacks some unique ASUS features as well as having
    only one PCIe 2.0 16x slot. (no crossfire at all).

    The EVO, DELUXE or higher are overkill and hit your wallet harder as well. Who honestly needs 2 Ethernet slots? (sure it also comes with other features so if you find one you like then by all means but don't just buy a PREMIUM edition for the label, lol, but i'm sure you already know that as that's why you're here) The more advanced feautres like DriveXpert (main feature that differentiates PRO and EVO) hardly justifies an extra $20 bucks. The DELUXE and PREMIUM are more marketing hypes.

    The bottom line is:
    - ASUS P7P55D-E PRO is the sweet spot in the ASUS line for P55 LGA1156 sockets (your i5-760) for full crossfire/SLI
    (around $140 US or $180 CAD if you look in the right place)
    -ASUS P7P55D PRO (no-E) if you don't care bout USB3.0 (good in my opinion) and SATA3 6gb/s to save some coin.

    I haven't really checked out the GIGABYTE P55 series (as i've used asus for years and they've been pretty good) but they're definitely worth a look as well. I ended up getting a P7P55D-E for $154 CAD off NCIX (price match) as i didn't need crossfire/SLI support.
  2. thank you for the very detail info!!! I was looking at the same mobo awhile ago and wrote it down as a wish list and yeah... i heard positive feedback this model too ! =]
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