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Hey guys.
I am looking for some high CFM 140mm PWM fans that will fit NZXT switch 810. Cant be too loud but i can sacrifice some silence for high airflow . I m going crazy form reading all those diffrent roundups which always favor diffrent fans I was thinking about Thermalright TY140 or 141 or 150 but it seems they wont fit NZXT switch 810... Please someone suggest something without motor/ vibrating / loop noises. I currently have Xigmatex XAF 1451 and they make grinding motor noises and 2 of them are dead already so im looking for a replacement. Location of fans : 2 front intake fans ,bottom intake ,1 back exhaust, 1 top exhaust. All fans can be with 12cm mounting holes.
I ll appreciate any help , i know there are so much topics about that but every topic says something diffrent. If i would be sure that TY141 or 140 or 150 would fit my case i would go with them but i am not sure and im really frustraded.
More details are here - . I ll be really gratefull for any contribution.
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  1. hi izajasz
    ive just replaced my NZXT M59 midi case and i used "BitFenix Spectre PRO PWM 140mm Fans"( ) throughout the case
    i initially considered coolermaster fans however from reviews they are quite noisy and dont cut it.... however if you dont have a budget then the "Alpenföhn 140mm Wing Boost Plus PWM Fan "( ) are hard to beat
    as you can see they look the part and actually have both 120mm and 140mm mounting holes.... and they come with both 3pin and molex connections .... they also come with rubber mounting grommets and a 3pin extension cable.... so whatever your case size these are sure to fit
    finally the Be Quiet! Shadow Wings Fan PWM ( ) are popular... and also come with both molex and 3pin connectivity

    hope this helps
  2. The bitfenix is really impressive but is it really possible that it has 122 CFM and 29 dbA? ??? It seems to be a real deal !
  3. As i cannot edit, Those bitfenix fans are a realy treat for me . They have everything i need , jsut to make sure that CFM and dbA stats are true , the rest is perfect - regular 140mm shape, white coloured version for my white switch 810, PWM controlled and sexy looking : D
  4. Anyone happen to know where i can find any reviews of those bitfenix fans ?
  5. I am aiming at spectre pro 140mm PWM . I wonder if its possible they have 122 CFM at 1800 rpm with 30dbA ; ) If yes im ordering a set of those at once, but i cannot find a test of that particular variant of those fans - the PWM one.
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