Is it my graphics card or monitor?

I used an nvidia 8600 GTS for a awhile and upgraded to GTS 250 about 3 weeks ago. I read around and saw that this awas a nice card within my budget, so why not..I went for it. That aside, this last week I've been having some display issues. During gameplay, I would see these horizontal flickering lines, some seemed to blend in with the colors on the screen and other had a very faint whitish color. They didn't happen all the time and it's not like the entire screen flickers. I try to ignore them, but they've just become a bit too annoying. I tried many times to get a good screenshot, but could never see them in the shot I took. I play WoW as well COD and another free online game. These lines seem to be more drastic in the latter two and very faint in WoW. I've had this monitor, a Viewsonic VA703b, for about a half a year now and this new card for not even a full three weeks. What's making me lean more to that it's a monitor issue is that I've put the 8600 back in, which still works fine, and I still have similar display issues during game play. I can't look past that this monitor may be going bad. The screen isn't as bright anymore and some resolutions have difficulty displaying. Tested on both cards, of course.

System specs

ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe
AMD 5200+ running @ 3.08 GHz OC'd
XFX GeForce 250 GTS 1 GB
750w Thermaltake EVO blue edition PSU

Drivers are up to date.

This might be a no-brainer to some of you, but for me, it has me running around in circles. Any help would be great.
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    If you have the same thing on both cards, it points to the monitor!
  2. Hehe, thanks, right to the point. I was afraid someone was going to go into driver problems, but I appreciate you confirming my own thoughts :)
  3. If you're really not sure, test with a different monitor. But it does seem fairly obvious that it's the monitor.
  4. Thanks guys again for the feedback. I realize this was a really a no-brainer, but at the time of posting, I was getting a lot of mixed information and nothing was working. I did have another monitor at the time, but it was the same model as this one, and after a little research I came up with that these models have a lot problems when they reach the 1 1/2 to 2 year old range. So I tested with a friends monitor this last week, hooked to my computer and, wow, what a nice picture it had. So, now that I look like a complete newbie, I thank you all again and will mark this as solved :)
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