Transferring Old Hard Drive into new computer

Hi everyone,

Asus M5A97 AM3+
AMD FX 6100
Patriot Turbo Q 32g SSD
MSI GTX560ti twin frzr ii
WD 1Tb HD (don't know the specifics of it)

On my old computer, I had a Windows 7 OEM installed onto the 1Tb Western Digital. With the new system I plan to load a new Windows 7 OEM onto the Patriot SSD and use the old hard drive as extra storage. What I want to know is, if I hook up the old hard drive, will I still be able to access all of the data that was on there (programs, files, etc)? Do I need to do anything to the hard drive? What problems could arise?

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  1. The answer is in two parts. Yes you can install the 1 TB HDD to the new computer 'as-is' - the second part is no, some of the programs on the 1 TB HDD will not work on the new computer. You must re-install the programs on the new disk in the new computer.

    (I recently transferred the "C" drive (HDD) containing Win7, some programs, and data, to another Vista computer as an additional drive. I was able to retrieve all the data files without any issues. I saved these data files to an external HDD and then did a complete NTFS format on the drive).
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