Xspc razor 670 performance?

doesn anyone know how this block http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=59_971_240_587&products_id=34906 compares to others performance wise, I know it matches nicely with the raystorm kit looks so does anyone have one or know someone that does. cant find any reviews on google but if this is a bad choice please feel free to recommend other manufacturers

and yes my card is reference pcb design once i remove all the externals
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  1. I have no idea, but I really do not think that XSPC would produce a block that did not perform well. I have DDan blocks on my 480’S now, before that it was EK copper, and even before that it was swiftech blocks. They all seem to work about the same, but I only have the ray storm CPU block to go by as far as their ability to build blocks, but it does perform well.
  2. I'm thinking you chose that one because of the leds that can be attached?


    This one would be a better choice , there are no lights but I have had EK water blocks and they are very good blocks.
    The XSPC brand does make a good radiator and the Raystorm cpu block is gaining popularity so it follows tha just maybe the gpu block will be good also. I don't know if everything gets covered for cooling by the XSPC block you would have to match up the memory chips and the voltage regulators to see if they come under the block for cooling.
  3. it was actually picked because it didn't have the nickel plating and maintained a nice black aesthetic overall appearance, I can barely see the LED's on my raystorm due to all the UV lighting the LED aspect is nice but not a huge deal, I am however not a fan of nickel plating
  4. What is it about nickel plating that you don't like , it does seem to perform well in heat transfer and the Swifttech blocks that I have on my GTX 580's have the nickel plating and the temps do not go above 50c under any load that I have encountered. Nickel plating over copper is a good conductor of heat.
  5. call me paranoid if you must but the history of electroplating problems(namely EK) has me more cautious than I probably need to be, and no I do not have aluminum in my loop.

    but even still it is a known fact that nickel's heat transfer is less than that of copper
  6. I think that it is due to the fact that EK was putting to many impurities in the nickel that they were using for water blocks if you look at the color of a EK block compared to a swiftech or koolane you can see that the EK has a cloudy white color to it.




    as anyone can plainly see the EK block is too white to be nickel.
  7. I do notice that most of the cpu blocks have a copper plate base and not nickel plated so it makes you wonder why so many of the video card blocks have the nickel plating and it's nickel plating over copper.
    Well then if that's the case then the XSPC block with the copper base would be a good choice.
  8. The only real reasons that I could find for nickel plating over copper was
    1) Looks
    2) For plating again like a gold top or a silver top you can not plate these metals to copper you need a nickel plating to make it happen.
    A little metallurgy for those interested.
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