Is my UPS sufficient, and or will it harm my components?

I have a question about my UPS's ability to sufficiently support my system. I am not necissarily too concerned about the ability to stay operating during outtages, and cash flow is insufficient to just go buy another UPS on a whim. I have been told that if my UPS is too small it may harm my PSU by starving it for power. Here are my specs

Corsair TX650 [...] 6817139005
i7 920 (typically running at stock speed)
Antec Skeleton (full size Skeleton case, not the mini)
Two 500 Gig SATA WD HDD's
GTS 250 (soon adding another one for SLI)
6 gigs of Patriot DDR3 (soon adding 6 more)
Standard cheapy CD/DVD ROM writer (light on brand? I forget)
2 22 inch LCD's (may be plugged into non battery side of UPS)
Logitech G19 Keyboard
Logitech G9 mouse

My UPS is the APC Back-UPS ES 550 [...] u=BE550-FR

Is my UPS sufficient for my setup? Is it going to harm my PSU? I see that my UPS has an output of 330 watts/550 VA, and I am confused as to whether this is sufficient to supply a 650 watt PSU. Thanks guys
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  1. It won't harm anything. If overloaded when a power failure occurs, it will simply shutdown. A 650W PSU does't necessarily use 650W; it uses whatever the system requires. If I were you I'd probably consider buying a better PSU.
  2. Really? So Corsair PSU's are no good or what? I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that Corsair was top tier. When I add the second GPU I will most likely go to a 1000 watt or more, and although I am not really a fan of Ultra, I have seen they feature lifetime warranties. So you are saying that if my UPS is too small it will not hurt my components? I appreciate your reply and your time. I would however encourage anyone who disagrees to tell me why. Thanks!
  3. Sorry. I meant a new UPS, not a new PSU.
    So you are saying that if my UPS is too small it will not hurt my components?
    That's correct. If it can't take the load, it willl shutdown.
  4. yes, I did read that section and every other on this site. Does not answer my question. i called APC and got a tech on the phone within minutes and he answered all of my concerns without any hastle. APC Tech claims that a UPS that is too small for the system it supports will only be a problem if the power goes out or drops below sufficient levels. In this case the UPS will not be able to sustain the system for any valuable amount of time. According to APC tech it becomes a glorified surge protector (which I am totally cool with). I was originally told by someone else that if the UPS is too smakll it will choke power to the PSU, causing burnout. APC confirms that this is not so. Also I am using the Powerchute softewaresupplieds with the UPS. This software offers real time insite into the runtime projected if the power drops. Originally the application said the system would not run for 3 minutes. After switching my dual 2 inch LCD's to the surge only side of the UPS, Powerchute is now showing that I will have a projected 7 minutes of runtime. i selected shutdown upon power failure so in theory at least, if power stops my system will shut down immediately, and safely. This is all I ever expected in the first place. I am happy with this. I would like to have an hour of runtime but where I live (next to a hydro elctric plant) if power drops I have bigger issues. Powerchute will enable my system to safely save and shut down. Thank you for your help.
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