Highest athlon x3 440 clock speed with stock cooling?

i have my cpu oc @ 3.6 right now and my temps never get of 50c and i was wondering whats the highest clock speed i could be able to get with stock cpu cooling (i have great case cooling)
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  1. Personally I would not try any overclocking with stock cooling. There is a reason it's called stock cooling..........Whatever you do keep your temps below 62C when stressing with Prime 95.
  2. yea ;)
  3. yea.....
  4. its ibuypower stock cooling so idk if its factory stock or just the base cooler thay use
  5. Probably any computer that came with an Athlon II X3 440 has stock cooling.
  6. Yep that's the cooler that comes in the box with the CPU. Don't overclock with it is the best advice I can give you. If you really must then as I said above keep the temps at 62C or under when stressing with Prime 95.
  7. will that work with my N68-VGS3 UCC mobo? AM3
  8. painless install?
  9. i just ran prime 95 and after 15mins my temp was 51c and i quit but i dont think my games will use that much cpu power so it should be alright until i can get the cooler btw at idle my temp is around 35c
  10. do u know where i could find a AMD Phenom II X4 955 newegg is sold out
  11. has to be 95w :(
  12. new egg out of stock..
  13. i have never done that before
  14. well yea your right....i would like to have a mobo that i can use a nother gtx 550ti with
  15. You are going about this wrong. The real questions are....What is your max budget? What exactly are you trying to do? Just overclock what you have or a complete upgrade? What goals do you have for an upgrade? For instance if you want better gaming performance leaving the CPU alone and getting something better than a GTX 550 Ti would be a better path to improvement. What resolution do you play at and what are your entire system components including power supply make and model?
  16. Depending on his budget, resolution and level of technical competence a new GPU might be all he needs.
  17. what i need is a new cpu because my athlon x3 440 is crap but i have a max 95w on my mobo
  18. When you have it paired with a crap tier GTX 550 Ti that is in no way even close to bottlenecking what makes you think a new CPU will help? Without at least knowing what you use the computer for we really can't offer any constructive advice.
  19. are u saying that my athlon is fine? when ever i play somthing like just cause 2 or skyrim my gpu% never goes past 80% but my cpu gets up to 80% 90%
  20. I'm saying your CPU will not bottleneck a card up to a GTX 560 Ti. Anything over that and a new CPU or at least an overclock of what you have would be needed. Once again resolution is important. At lower resolutions the CPU is more important and at higher resolutions the GPU becomes more important.

    The GTX 550 Ti is an entry level card at best. The first thing I would do in your situation is upgrade the graphics. Unless you plan on building a completely new computer.....motherboard, CPU, RAM and GPU.
  21. i have a arctic 480w psu so i would have to get a new psu to run a gtx 560ti
  22. So as I asked above.......what is your budget? What are you trying to gain from any upgrade ? What is your monitor resolution?

    If you want gaming performance a new PSU/GPU make much more sense than just getting a new motherboard and CPU. Hell something like an HD 7850 only needs a recommended 450w power supply.

  23. so i could run the 560 on my psu? and my monitor is a 26inch 720p
  24. A GTX 560 Ti needs recommended 500w power supply. If you had a good quality model I would say you would be fine but that Ibuypower Arctic model is not know to be a quality unit. The HD 7850 is just as good as the GTX560 Ti though and actually better in quit a few benchmarks and it uses much less power. I would feel safe recommending an HD 7850 with the PSU you have now.

  25. You have seen the Tom's hierarchy chart?


    They recommend an upgrade be at least 3 tiers up to really notice a difference.

    The GTX 560 Ti is 3 tiers up and the HD 7850 is 4 tiers up.
  26. Why would you get a last gen card that requirs a new power supply rather than a HD 7850? The 7850 only needs a recomended 450w PSU so you would not have to upgrade. It's also a much more powerful card. Basically the newer the card the less power is required for the same or better perfomance than an older card.
  27. if i spend 200ish on a new card that will be just a bought as much as i want to spend and mabie a AMD Phenom II X4
  28. i dont want to spend a lot of money.....if i buy that card + a new cpu that will be it
  29. why would i get new modo and keep my old cpu?
  30. i might just sell my computer and get a gaming laptop because im the navy and idk if ill be able to take my big computer every where i move
  31. yea...i dont want to spend a lot of money on my pc if i cant ever use it......gaming laptop might be better
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