Why can't my system recognize the Video card?

I connected my video card [MSI N9600GT MD1G] to my system but cant get a signal or display on the monitor when I plug it into the analog, dvi or hdmi port. The monitor keeps displaying "No Signal". So I have to use the on board vga i/o.

Checked BIOS for PCI-E settings: Nothing. So I crosschecked it with another video card [XFX Geforce 8500GT 512MB] and my system does recognize that GPU.

I cant seem to find anything that indicates that my motherboard does not support certain types of video cards. I own a ECS Geforce6100PM-M2 V3.0 motherboard.

I checked the BIOS, I installed the latest graphics drivers [from NVIDIA themself]. My monitor displayed "input DVI/D-USB" a couple of times, but when I had to reboot the system, it failed yet again. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.

Help me out here guys. Can you refer me to a link which lists the compatibility of different parts.
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  1. Try disabling the onboard video, what happens?
  2. Nothing...

    Went into BIOS and the options for display are Read First from Onboard/PCI/PCI-E.
    I selected selected all of them one boot at the time, starting with reading first from PCI-E. Still no signal on monitor. I asked my boss [PC Technician] what the issue might be and how to solve this. Answer: The BIOS is not up to date, might need to flash because the speed of the board is not compliant with speed of the video card. I assume she was referring to clock speed of both parts.

    I asked ECS Tech Support for help and referred me to a download link to get the latest BIOS update to flash the BIOS with. I successfully did [knowing it is risky when performed incorrectly] yet my system, the motherboard can't seem to find/recognize the video card. My monitor still displays "No Signal" than goes back to Sleep... lazy sh** :D

    Anyhoo, I was not aware of the small fact that in some cases the motherboard should be compatible with video card or vice-versa. Usually the manufacturer posts on their website listing the parts & models compliant to their motherboards. I have never come across a website which displayed such a list listing compatible video cards. I did not see this one coming.

    Isn't this just weird.

    What do you recommend further other than purchasing a new motherboard -I already considered that :)-
    Furthermore, in case of purchasing another motherboard, which AMD AM2+/AM3 motherboard do you recommend me purchasing which does indeed supports my current video card and also DDR2-800 memory modules?
  3. With the new graphics adapter installed does the monitor still work in the on board adapter?
    It's possible you have a driver conflict. In device manager disable the on board graphics adapter. Reload drivers for the plug in card. any difference?
  4. mhelm1 said:
    With the new graphics adapter installed does the monitor still work in the on board adapter?
    It's possible you have a driver conflict. In device manager disable the on board graphics adapter. Reload drivers for the plug in card. any difference?

    Yes, the monitor does still work in the onboard adapter. There might be a driver conflict, but with the latest NVIDIA drivers installed it should have been able to read the 9600GT just fine. I will try your suggested solution: disabling the onboard graphics adapter and reload drivers for plug & play. I should be back tomorrow on this forum to post the outcome.
  5. Hi,

    disabling the onboard graphics and loading the 9600gt drivers did not help. At least, I was having difficulties running the drivers from the original install disc from MSI. Vista either did not want to or could not find and load the drivers however I pointed it out to the OS :)

    I even bought a new motherboard ASUS M2N68-AM SE2. Vista does find hardware changes but could not allow me to either update or install the latest drivers I downloaded from NVIDIA, or update from the install disk. I thought adding it to a new motherboard could simply solve it all. The graphics card is a fairly old, I would not rule out that it is not compatible to certain newer parts.

    I just don't get it.
  6. Gee, your stumping me as well. Do you know anyone with a graphics card that you can borrow.? I'd like to see you get something to work.
  7. You, me and everybody else. The store clerks where I bought the new motherboard where looking at me as if I were making this up just to annoy them. My boss, who happens to be a PC technician, is as stumped as well. I have a friend with an Intel system running WinXP Pro 32-bit. I'll be heading over there to test the card on his system because the graphics card worked just fine on another Intel system. Card is good, both motherboards are good, if it tends to run on the second Intel system, than it would be safe to conclude that this is nothing more than a compatibility issue with AMD system... which would make no sense at all whatsoever.

    I did install a NVIDIA card on the ECS motherboard earlier once, which worked just fine (XFX Geforce 8500GT 512MB on an ECS Geforce6100PM0M2). Which is why the case of the mysterious 9600GT dazzles me.

    I'll keep you posted.
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    Thanks, If worse comes to worse I'll ups you a card to the office.
  9. Sorry to report that the search and solutions provided by you and other replies on many other forums led to no success of installing and running the graphics card. The fact that this particular video card cannot be properly installed and utilized on my system, yet performs well on other systems, should be proof enough for me to actually get another, perhaps a more recent or at least new graphics card. Why it cannot be installed on two different AMD motherboards I bought with the latest drivers and BIOS installed, but is able to be utilized on an Intel system, is beyond me. I thank you for your time as well as your input, but alas this is where the use of this card on my system has reached its final destination.

    Thanks again for the input.
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