LGA 1156 or LGA 1366 with integrated video?

I would like to build a new PC to run some industrial operator interface / data historian software. I have to use Windows XP Pro because the software does not have a version yet that is compatible with Windows 7 and my customer does not want Vista. I'd like to get the best performance I can, but I want a motherboard / CPU with integrated graphics. The applications I'll be running are not graphics intensive and I don't think they warrant a dedicated video card. I am leaning towards an Intel solution and would like to choose something as "modern" as possible. It seems like the most current LGA1156 and LGA1366 boards/CPU's do not have integrated video. Is this a general rule or am I just missing something? Do I have to get an older LGA 775 board / CPU if I want integrated graphics?

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  1. I have a biostar th55 hd 1156 board with both video ports; they only work with certain cpus. I use the i3 530 series which has the video on the chip. Some i5 and i7 don't have this feature. Google the specs of the cpu you want to use to see if it has the video onboard.
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