Waterblock for MSI GTX670 Power Edition

Simple, are there any waterblocks for the MSI GTX 670 Power Edition. Curious because of the triple over-voltage feature that comes with it that should block away other cards, because of the high overclocks achievable by the cooling and voltage control.
I have already searched through forums, Google results and reviews but I can't find any, only reference GTX670 blocks appear, and as is well known, the Power Edition does not have a reference PCB. I know there is one for the ASUS DCUII card, so I was wondering.

Thanks! :)
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  1. The best thing to do is to contact the tech support of MSI to see if they have any info on that. I know when I was looking for a water block for my Evga 580 3gb model the hydro copper block was not available for it yet and I contacted Evga tech support to ask them if a regular block would fit. They said it would so I got one.
    Since the MSI board is a non reference board the place to find out would be MSI.
  2. If your card is the Twin Frozr Power Edition, then no there are no waterblocks currently available. The ASUS DCUII has an EK waterplate, but I also believe it is a reference GTX 680 PCB, meaning it can use 680 waterblocks. Hope this helps
  3. I would check to see if a GTX 680 reference block will fit, but if not you will have to go with universal blocks (or make a block, but that's a bit tough ;))
  4. I contacted them, and for now, only universal waterblocks seem to work. Maybe something will come out later on. Thanks for the help though, everyone!
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