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I was putting together a Intel system and a price together, and decided i'd put a competing AMD system to compare it against. I started looking at the AM3 motherboards to pair with a x6 and noticed on newegg that they all pretty much said to only put the ram in the 3rd and 4th slots if you were going to OC. What's the deal? Are there certain chipsets which you can oc with all 4 slots populated, or does the onchip mem controller just not like 4 sticks?

Sorry it's been a while since i looked in to buying an amd system.

Feel free to give any extra info you want in on this.
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    So potentially if i manually set it, and pick one of the "good" ram sets it will run at the 1333 speed? Did a little more searching and found that supposedly people were having less/no issues running on the x6's (possibly a dif mem controller??). Anybody have further info on this?
  2. Ive never heard of this problem. Just reset ur mb.
  3. i don't have a board, i'm just looking in to potential pitfalls, and was wondering if other people had the issues stated...apparently nobody knows what i'm talking about...which could be a good thing...that or nobody oc's here hehe
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