3 video cards and 6 monitors- I already have 2 nvidia gts 250's

I need a third video card. My motherboard doesn't have enough room for a high end video card because the fans are so big on the other 2 there is very little room left. Any suggestions for a 3rd video card? i have a pci and a pci express slot left.

thanks a bunch,Michael
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  1. Re-certified 9600GT for $70:

    It performs the same as a GT240

    Or get a 5750 card for DX11.
  2. Thanks for the reply. My concern is this video card will not fit. I bought 3 nvidia 250's, all of which have big fans, and only 2 fit (returned the 3rd(

    I need a video card to display to more screens (6 total). I am a trader (not gamer) but want quality. I know i may have bought too much with the first two.

    What are my options for a 3rd video card without a big fan so it will fit?

    thanks again
  3. ^ The 9600GT in my link is a single slot card. (see the Newegg picture)

    It is a good card that should suit your needs. There are even smaller cards such as the 9500GT or 4650 that will be cheaper.
  4. Great, thank you very much!
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