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I have a E5200 at 3.5 and i was thinking on upgrade to a E8200 and i was wondering if i will see a diference in games performance with the extra cache or i better stick with the E5200 i have a gts 250 for games
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    stick to your E5200, if you want to upgrade go for a quad
  2. Spend a little more for i3 + H55 MB if you can't afford a quad.
  3. You won't notice a very big difference. So upgrade is not worth spending the money.

    Your CPU is good enough as far as gaming is concerned and won't limit your GPU's performance.

    However, if you have some money to upgrade then let us now the whole system specs and e might be able to tell you what to upgrade :)
  4. My E5300 OCed to 3.6GHz performs equal to a stock E8400 in PassMark benchmarks. Your OCed E5200 should already be better than the E8200 at stock.
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