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I am trying to increase the amount of air to be taken into my desktop. i have 2 fans on the front of the case blowing air in, and 4 fans blowing air out (2 on top, 1 on the back, and the psu on the back) If i double stack 2 fans together with about an inch of a gap, will this fry my connectors? or should i buy another Hard Drive Fan Bay to blow air in?
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  1. if by double stack fans you mean put one on top of the other blowing the same direction then dont do actually decreases fan impedes the other....there is a reason you never see this in peoples rigs. even with an inch gap between the two I wouldnt do it...if you are looking to increase your airflow replace the current fans with higher cfm ones.

    btw what does this have to do with overclocking?
  2. Do you have the option to add fans to the side panel? When buying fans you can look at the specifacations to see what the cfm and db arre to know what the fan is capable of. You can get higher cfm fans but you may also be adding more fan noise to the case as well so paying attention to the db's will help with not adding too much noaise.
  3. Drums101 is right. The fans would probaly burn up quicker unless they were on a radiator push-pull. Scythe ultra kaze are nice and move 133cfm! cheap to.
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