Advice on Processor and RAM

I have a Dell Demension XPS Gen 2 w/ hyperthreading
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium 4 CPU 3.20 GHz
Memory: 2046 MB Ram 400MHz DDR SDRAM
Chip Set Intel 875P
Power: 460 Watt
Large case and extra fans

I've had the machine 5 years and lately it seems to be slower than before. I just finished reading the owners manual and discovered the hyperthreading was not turned on. I was able to do that this afternoon and it has helped a great deal.

I am considering acquiring a new processor and adding additonal Ram. It appears I have two empty RAM modules.

I am computer challenged, so forgive the nature of these questions:

What modern processor will fit into my current processor socket and be compatable with my machine?

What RAM will fit into the modules? I don't see a lot of DDR SDRAM on the web. Is that the only RAM that will work?

Appreciate any guidance from the group. Thanks.
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  1. 1. no one, it's a socket 478 if i'm not wrong, you're stuck with what you have or a pentium d at the best.

    2. that is the only RAM that will work in there
  2. How do I confirm what socket I have. The owners manual gives instructions w/photos on how to remove and install a processor but I can't find any info about the socket model/number? Thanks.
  3. open up the case and look closely around the socket, it should be stated next to the socket.

    it's a 478 anyways, pentium IVs came on 3 sockets: 423, 478 and early 775

    423 is PC100/133 only (older han ddr), 478 is both ddr and ddr2, and 775 is ddr2/3, but no ddr.

    as yours uses ddr, then it's a 478
  4. Looks like adding 2 Gb or RAM is the best I can do!

    Additionally, had to turn off hyperthreading. It runs faster with it on...but, it don't want to boot up properly. Finally gave up on it and turned it off.

    Thanks for the help.
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