6850 overclock

Good overclocks for a Powercolor 6850?
What are some?
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  1. a quick google search yielded this.....

    this one is different brands but it shouldnt make too much of a difference

    also on this forum here is one guys attempt


    this just gives you a taste of what others are getting out this card so you should be somewhere in that ball par...unless you got a crappy oc'ing card then you wont be able to get that high....basically if you are over the numbers in these links be careful and make sure its stable
  2. tinytimlogan from OC3D claimed the 6850/6870's to be bad overclockers because they couldn't get more than a few FPS more from the OC, but my 6870 got a 1GHz core clock... but the 6850 wont achieve that easily
  3. If the 6850 has 2x pci-e power connectors, it should easily clock up to 6870 specs and beyond. :)


  4. but it would require to bump up the voltage, i don't have to
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