Need timings please - G Skill Ripjaw 1333


Bought some of this RAM, need full timings please :

Not just the standard timings, all timing in the BIOS (as rubbish BIOS wont find them!)

They all start with DRAM t??? - with the ??? being different timing property
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  1. just use the standard timings. they do the job :)
  2. Hi.

    What mobo do u have? As default the mobo should run the RAM at 1333MHz without changes.

    If u want change the specs that u see in the BIOS to the specific for the RAM enter to the BIOS and change this:


    Set the rest in auto and if u don't get the rig stable go to the BIOS again and set the voltage to 1.5V or 1.65V.
  3. This is my problem. The mobo is a Zotac H55 ITX but its rubbish at finding auto values. Only bought this RAM as its more stable (the board was NOT stable with the Crucial CL9 RAM i have..rubbish)

    But BIOS is a bad guess at looking for values for :

    DRAM tCL
    DRAM tRP
    DRAM tWR


    Any ideas. This board has alot of potential, got a terrible BIOS. BIOS was reporting current RAM voltage as being 1.26v (obviously no load)...but CPU-Z says 1.5v?

    The i3 and 8800GTS 640mb ( i know its old but does the job ) are great but the system being let down by the crucial RAM so G SKill should do the job
  4. DRAM tCL: 8
    DRAM tRAS: 24
    DRAM tRP: 8
    DRAM tRCD: 8

    Voltage: 1.5V
  5. What about the other timings? Think I might just auto it and hope it does better with the G Skill than it did with the Crucial.

    Also. CoreTemp is showing 1 core at 63C and the other at 80C

    I dont trust these, especially considering the BIOS and HWMonitor are both saying 34C

  6. Yeah, the rest in auto. The 34C sound more right for the CPU that u have check too with speed fan.
  7. is speed fan an app?

    When i changed minimum fan speed in the BIOS when CPU not hot (written in some messed up Engrish) I was given a Range of 0 - 255. Changing this had no audible effect on the fan.

    HWMonitor is reporting the FAN well

    At the moment I have the Crucial running at 10-10-10-30 row refresh 120 and those other unknown setttings to 10 10 10 50.

    Runs stable now...will do until tomorrow when I pop the G SKill in

    Quite disappointed with this mobo. Promises alot but very fiddly to get it right

    Little things like...cant set the CPU voltage, have to set default with a + or - amount. AH...they need to hurry up with ANOTHER BIOS update.

    Everything else runs stupidly fast though, even with these crap timings. SSD and CPU must be draggin the system along
  8. Yeah, is another monitor for temps.
  9. Other than the mains settings that relate to the CL9 (for example) rating....what do the other DRAM settings relate to

    It was pure guess work i set the others and now it appears stable

  10. Those are basically the response time, waiting time and some other stuffs that are very important for the stability and correct function of the rig.
  11. Yes these are the ones I need to know for the Ripjaw, as the BIOS is crap at guessing them....where can I get this info?
  12. From the RAM manufacturer's web site or with technical support but I think that is very difficult that u can get that info.
  13. Hmmmmm no specs there.....looks like an email to tech support. It says designed for i5 and i7, no mention of i3. All fully tested on P55 but not on H55

    Guessing it should be fine though

    Must say, I have been amazed by the i3 performance. I thought it was the bottom end of the range, but in apps that dont use too many threads, it dominates the benchmarks. Obviouslty higher threaded apps benchies are better on i5 i7, but for games etc this chip is amazing
  14. The i3 uses the same socket that the i5 and i7-8xx series so I think that isn't a problem.
  15. MOBO likes this RAM...all on auto and running ridiculously fast! No more glitches. Guess these mini itx boards only like the good stuff

    Thanks for all your help
  16. Your welcome, we are here to help u.
  17. Hmm did have one other issue. When i attach a slimline sata dvd drive (with adapter) to the mobo it opens the tray then the BIOS hangs and wont post. If I do this with a disk in, the draw stays closed, the disk is read....i even installed windows this way. But if I try and close draw witout a disk it spits itself out and wont POST. Thoughts?
  18. Uhmm I'm not sure but could be the slimline DVD by himself.
  19. Brand new so should work

    It's an LG....the one thats on for £22
  20. Can u test it in another rig?
  21. Yes tried it in another rig....atom Dual core mini itx. Plugged it into sata.

    Just opens/closes. Really frustrating. BIOS wont pick it up and register it unless there is a disk in.

    I have purchased a slimline sata to USB 2.0 adapter to see if this will work. Plug it straight into the mobo header. See if this resolves it

    Just such strange behaviour, no disk spits tray out, if there is a disk BIOS finds it, disk runs etc etc.

    It uses the floppy 4 pin adapter to convert.

  22. I think that the problem is because that DVD drive was designed for notebooks plus I think that the floppy power connector is a problem too.
  23. Why would they sell an adapter specifically for this type of drive if it wouldnt work on desktop?

    I'm hoping connecting it to usb header (different adapter) may solve the issue, different hardware handshake or something?
  24. Says allows for direct sata port connection. If the floppy power was an issue it wouldnt work at all....but does work with a disk in. BIOS wont post without a disk present
  25. I think that with this adapter the drive should works.
  26. I've already found a slimline sata > USB 2.0 adapter. Going to try that before throwing the drive in the bin.

    Then i'll have to get an old PATA and connect that instead (for comatibility) but HATE buying old technology.

    What a joke
  27. Yeah, I currently still having two IDE drives in my rig
  28. Hmmm...why would a full size (not slim) DVD drive work on sata but not one of these slimline jobbies. The handshaking should be the same

    Might see if a hammer will fix it much
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