Help plz i7 920 p6t deluxe v2

hows everone doing i have been driving my nuts for a few days trying to fix this so heres the hardware

p6t deluxe v2
i7 920 D0
6g CORSAIR Dominator (TR3X3G1600C8D)
ATI 4890
swifttech h20-220
VelociRaptor HD
corsair 950watt PSU
win 7

ok now my problem i can get NOTHING stable but i have ran prime95 for 2 hours and my tempsmax at 58c and I can go on line most of the time ok i have ran a ram test and it all comes out fine 3d marks locks up not to less then 30 sec in to a run and i will get random hard locks where i have to hit reset i have followed this from corsair i was even geting some lock up why installing win7 any help plz
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  1. Good news after testing everthing out i had a bad video card right out of the box changed it out for a new card this one is a BFG 275 GTX OC and runing with no problems at all
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