First Build, how did I do?

Wanted to build a pretty good gaming PC for < 1k(excluding monitor). How do you think I did for a first build? Overall build cost me 926. How did I do?! Good I hope. :)









My brother has multiple copies of each Windows 7 for work. Hes gonna give me a copy of Ultimate 64-bit.

About the OS does anyone know if its possible to download Win7 somehow and use one of the serial keys of his copies? I am expecting the final components to arrive tomorrow(they shipped from Edison which is 20 minutes from me) and my brother lives in NY and im in NJ. So its either take the 4 hour round trip to long island or have him mail me Win7. He would know if theres a way, but he didnt answer me when i called! :) Its not a big deal either way, I just know Im gonna be anxious to get it up and running tomorrow if the parts come.

Thanks guys, and I appreciate any feedback on my first ever build. :)
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  1. are supposed to ask advice BEFORE you order the parts! Pretty good build overall. Probably the one thing I would change is the HDD...the green drives are good for storage but probably not the best option for a boot drive. I'm also not real happy with the price/ performance of the 5000 series cards right now, but it is for sure a great card.
  2. Well I did ask for advice while I was in the process, the only thing I didnt really ask advice for was the HDD and CD drive. I had to go cheap on those unfortunately. I plan on investing in a decent boot drive as my first upgrade after launch. Any recommendations for me to keep my eye on? My brother said the velociraptors are pretty good Most likely purchasing mid February.

    Thanks for the response.
  3. Do NOT get a velociraptor....they are old technology and have terrible price/performance ratio. Modern 7200 rpm drives will outperform them in most areas and offer more storage. The F3 drives offer great perfomance for the price in both the 500gb and 1Tb models...just choose based on the size you'll need.
  4. Although it should be enough for your setup, the PSU you selected is an older, inefficient design; the giveaway is the little voltage switch on it. You needn't feel compelled to return it, but something like an Antec Earthwatts or Corsair VX would have been nicer.
  5. you better hope you do not have issues with your mobo and cpu combo. i bought the same combo as you but now have been reading SEVERAL issues online regarding this. that mobo sometimes ships with an older BIOS that will not work with certain 945, 955, and 965 processors.

    see here and read first review by Slm on 4/30/09:

    from what i understand, it has to do with the C2 or C3 stepping. certain C3 chips seem to have issues with this mobo. HOWEVER, looks like you are getting the C2 version so you "should" be OK (you can tell by the "I" vs "M" in the part# HDZ955FBGIBOX...the "I" signifies C2).

    still...just a warning...if it doesn't boot when you put it together...start there first.
  6. running like a dream :)
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    tits. :)
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