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Hello all, I have just backed up Windows to my new SSD and was amazed at how much space it gobbled. I don't currently have a HDD spare and am thinking about storing it online. So I guess the questions are
1. Can I do that?...
2. Where is the back up stored because the only files I have on that drive at the moment are the back up and it's gobbled 48GB's of SSD space and the only folders I can see on the drive amount to a grand total of 4KB?...
3. How do I do it
4. Is it safe?...

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  1. I recommend you buy a hard drive. Internal or external, whatever you prefer. And stick your backups on that.

    48GB is a lot of data to be pushing back and forth over the internet.
  2. I will but if I can store it on the net for the moment then I can install some games and enjoy my new SSD
  3. What kind of internet speed do you have?

    You could always just delete the backup for the time being until you get another hard drive.
  4. I don't know my internet speed I get 1.3Mbps max I think. I could just delete it but I have an account waiting for me to store data so I thought that I might as well use that instead.
  5. Go to this site for your download and upload speeds.

    Account with whom?

    Cheap solution for internal drive in case needed ----
    320GB -$42->
    500GB -$53->
  6. 7.29Mbps at the moment, I think it changes at night though, I'm in the UK with Virgin Media.
    Do you know where the 48GB back up is kept?...when I click browse I can't find it, is it hidden or something?...
    I will check who the account is with tonight.
  7. Is 7.29 your download and upload speed? Usually these two numbers are different.

    EDIT: the back up is located where you chose the destination location to be.
  8. Sorry yeah that's the download speed, the upload speed is 0.99Mbps
  9. I have 5Mbps upload and I know from experience that it takes over an hour for me to upload 2GB from my server to my parents server. If you were to upload 48GB it would take over a day straight to upload from my connection.

    With your measly 1Mbps it'll take close to 5 days to upload that image.

    If you buy a 500GB HDD from (heh, didn't know you were in the UK) it will get to you faster than it will take to upload the image and in the long run it will be cheaper.
  10. 48 gigabytes = 49152 megabytes

    .99 Mbps = 0.12375 MBps

    49152 / .12375 = 397187.879 (total seconds)

    397187.879 / 60(sec) = 6619.79798 (min)

    6619.79798 / 60(min) = 110.329966 (hours)

    So it would take you roughly 110 hours to upload that 48 GB backup =)

    - By that point you could have your new hard drive delivered and set up =).
  11. Thanks, just out of curiosity where is the back up located when you just click back up on the e drive and just let Windows do it's thing because it looks invisible from here.
  12. Oooooo I think I will get myself a nice new Samsung F3 HD103SJ 1TB £46.90, lovely jubbly!, better go check the reviews first.
  13. Go into backup and restore. Choose restore. Should list location.
  14. it just says e
  15. Thanks for the link, it seems simple enough to delete but impossible to see with the naked eye!
  16. Did you use windows 7 to backup your backup or another piece of software?
  17. Windows 7
  18. So you followed the directions and you still don't see a backup? Are you sure you made a backup? It may be possible that your talking about the installation of windows 7 it's self on the drive and not a backup.

    What is the make and size of your SSD? And right click on your SSD, click properties and tell me the space used. And what version of windows 7 are you using?
  19. No it is there, if I go into the hard drive I can see the WindowsImageBackup up but it's size is only 4KB's, it's like the rest is hidden or something.
  20. What is the make and size of your SSD? And right click on your SSD, click properties and tell me the space used. And what version of windows 7 are you using?
  21. It's a Corsair Force 3 120GB, I have used 57.3GB's now that I'm installing a game, I was holding off just in case something was wrong and I would have to reinstall the games, which I always find unnerving as I'm never sure if the keys are going to work again the second time.
    It's nearly finished so I'm gonna have to love ya and leave ya baby, it's not important just shootin the sh!t really, wondering why the file size was so low when it had obviously used the space for the back up.

    EDIT: The files were there and they were hidden as suspected, I've deleted them now so crisis over as I have managed to get another HDD and created a new back up on that. Thanks for everyone's help earlier, laters taters.
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