Corsair Force GT 180GB

Does anyone have any experience with this particular SSD or any Corsair SSDs? I am in the market for one and I know Corsair has excellent customer service and this particular drive has good reviews. Also, I have looked at the section that has the links for maintenance and related topics, but I am still a bit fuzzy on how often TRIM is used or works, and how long I could expect my drive to last until its performance becomes bad?

I am a gamer and with the 180GB drive I plan to install my OS (Win7-64) and a few games including Battlefield 3 and WoW. That's really going to be it; perhaps one or two from Steam.

Could I expect the drive's performance to degrade rapidly if playing games and such or with using TRIM could I keep my drive as fast as possible for as long as possible(just how long, exactly?) without worry?

Corsair Force GT 180GB SATAIII
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  1. in that price you can buy 3x60gb Corsair Force 3 or add 50$ and buy 3x60gb Corsair Force GT!
    But if you want more reliable SSD and don't want to see BSOD's go for marvel based SSD's like crucial m4 or corsair performance pro or Samsung 830 series!

    I acually recommend corsair performance pro 128GB because of solid performance and high quality components!

    here is the review of best SSD's in market:
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