Overclocking Memory on Asrock H61iCafe

Hi all

as I stated I have an Asrock H61iCafe and 4 modules of Kingston 2GB 1333 Single Side RAM. In the manual it says that installing 4 modules of Single Side RAM will downgrade to 1066 Frequency. I heard about H61 CPU overclocking limitations but is there anyway to overclock RAM at least to 1333?

I should add that DRAM Frequency in CPU-Z is 532.2 MHz
FSB : DRAM 1:4 and 7-7-7-20 are timings

does it make much difference between 1066 and 1333 ?

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  1. no you really wont notice a difference between 1333 and 1066 unless you are looking at benchmarks...real world there is no noticeable difference......CPUZ says 532mhz bc thats half so your RAM is currently running at 1066+- to set the ram higher you need to up the DRAM ratio....right now you have it at 1:4 you need to up that probably one notch and it will bring you up to 1333mhz...for this specific motherboard go into the BIOS and go to the OC tweaker screen---->DRAM Timing control---->DRAM Frequency...that is what you need to change....set it to 1333mhz
  2. Really Thanks, there is no 1333 in the DRAM Frequency. there are 3 options: auto, DDR3-800, DDR3-1066
  3. ahh ok well then your gonna have to up your base clock to acheive DDR3-1333...what cpu do you have in this board? do you want to overclock it a little bit or leave it stock?
  4. Really Thanks, I'd like to overclock it but I'm afraid it's not capable of.

    Intel Pentium G620, 2.6GHz, 3MB Cache

    I had some overclocking experiences on LGA 775 platform but I have no idea how to do this on this board.
  5. to overclock on this board you would raise up the BCLCK...just like you would the FSB in LGA 775...this will raise the ram speed and the cpu speed...and like LGA 775 to get more speed you have to raise the vcore (CPU voltage)
  6. Thanks, but there is no BCLCK option my motherboard.
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    ahh ok crap for some reason I thought this was a first gen i series apologies... unfortunately you wont be able to overclock like you said so your memory is stuck at 1066...but the good thing is there is no real world difference that you will notice
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  9. Thanks drumps101. I'll have that in mind.
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