3770K vs 2700K - Which one for best CPU speeds on air?

I am having a hard time weighing up the 3770k and 2700k. The main use for the build will be mostly rendering, so the more CPU power the better.
From what I understand so far the 2700K should be able to provide a few hundred more mhz on air than the 3770K given the temperatures they run at. I understand the 3770k has some ivy bridge features that may give a few extra FPS for gaming, but I won't be doing much if any gaming.

Are there any 3770k benefits that I am not weighing up here?

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  1. A lower Ivybridge overclock will match a higher Sandybridge overclock.

    4.5ghz IB=4.8ghz SB
  2. amuffin said:
    A lower Ivybridge overclock will match a higher Sandybridge overclock.

    4.5ghz IB=4.8ghz SB

    Thankyou that's the kind of information I was missing. I know getting a good chip depends on luck.

    I found some rendering benchmarks but they do not include temperature/cooling information. It's hard to extrapolate from these few scores how much of a difference there would really be.

    Intel R Core TM i7-2600K CPU 3.40GHz (@4.8GHz) 11m30s
    Intel R Core TM i7-2700K CPU 3.50GHz (@4.7GHz) 12m01s
    Intel R Core TM i7-3770K CPU 3.50GHz (@4.4GHz) 12m16s
    Intel R Core TM i7-2700K CPU 3.50GHz (@4.4GHz) 12m53s
    Intel R Core TM i7-2700K CPU 3.50GHz (@4.3GHz) 12m58s

    Does anyone know (roughly) what the load temperature of a 2600/2700K @ 4.7GHz is? And what the load temp of a 3770K is @ 4.5GHz is? Given they are both using the same cooling system.
  3. Well, I have my 3570k (i5) @4.5GHz and it needs a moderately high voltage compared to what others I see are getting in comparison. I'm running with a closed loop water cooler, Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro, and I'm hitting ~60-65C gaming. Stressing, I hit around 75-80C. I would think the 3770k would run a tad warmer than that, and it also depends on the cooler you will use as well as the lowest voltage you can get on it.
  4. Quote:
    you need to start your own thread, right now your attempting what we call a hi-jack.

    Ha, it's ok, that's close enough to the setup I was going to use.

    rendering with Virtu Lucid or not.?
    depending on overclock target speed determines which CPU to go with.
    what target do you have in mind and what cooler.?

    Hmm rendering with Virtu Lucid? I haven't been able to find any information regarding that though using the integrated GPU might one day become useful with OpenCL.

    I don't have a specific target in mind for an overclock, I will try to get whatver cpu up to the highest 24/7 clock I can, most of that will be down to luck anyway. I just want to maximize my chances of getting the most computing power.

    I could probably go for a 3930K on s2011 but I would really have to compromise mobo/cooling/psu/ram
  5. My 2600K @4.5ghz runs about 57-60C on full load, with programs such as Prime95.

    But I'm on water...
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