OCZ Agility 3 60Gb @ $69.99 - Good Deal?

I've got a new system build already assembled and I'm looking to use a SSD as a boot drive (plus internet browser) if I can get one cheap (<$100). Newegg has an OCZ Agility 3 60Gb on sale for $69.99. Is this a good deal (especially considering OCZ's history of reliability problems)? Or should I wait till New Year's in hope of something better?
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  1. it was a good deal of reliability does not matter!:)
    and its already 90$ ! ;)
  2. For $15 more, I could get a OCZ Vertex 3 60Gb or I could just wait for a decent sale on a Crucial M4 64Gb (which is supposed to be more reliable).
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    actually samsung 830 series 64GB have more read performance and near double write performance than M4! only it costs 127$ but it comes with Batman arkham city!

    but if you are not interested Crucial m4 is one of most reliable SSD's !

    but if you buying OCZ You're On Your Own! :D :D
  4. Looks like I should wait for a good deal on a Crucial M4 or Samsung 830 (or at very least a Vertez 3 or 120Gb OCZ). Thanks for all the advice.
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