Dell Dimension E521 upgrade

Our family has 2 Dell E521's that we love, and I am looking to pump them up a bit to better play AION, our latest online game. Both our systems have the stock 305w power supply, and after reading this thread

several times I "believe" I should be able to put the following items in without any further adjustments...

1) bios update
2) BFG graph card, low power design 9800gt
3) AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Brisbane 2.9GHz 2 x 512KB L2
4) possibly a sound card to take any bottle neck off the CPU
Looks like peppy upgrade for about 170 bucks for each computer...

Do any of the technophiles see any difficulty or train wrecks in doing this?

And THANKS THANKS THANKS for the awesome detail and information on this thread!!!

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  1. Thanks for reply... I went back and edited OP, and it will still not put in newegg links. Links to products listed in OP are in order in second post.

    Appreciate the input, had read about the AMD 6000... may go that route.. the 5600 and 6000 are priced the same at newegg. Looking forward to my sweetheart being able to play on higher graphics. Will let you all know how the process goes.
  2. I know this is an old thread but zeg if you're still around which processor did you end up using, the 65W 5600, or the 89W 6000? And was there a noticeable increase in speed from the stock 3800 that was in there?
  3. Zeg here... talk about "thread resurrection"! LoL... I put in the 6000 into 2 machines. Worked with no problem like a charm.... both still running strong. No power or heat issues. We played AION with them on moderately high settings, and they worked awesome save for fortress battles when everyone had to turn graphics settings down.

    Upgrading the chip was simple once I got over my fear of "breaking" something with my mitt hands. Used the silver stuff... easy peasy.

    Sad to say, the BFG cards were a bum deal... BFG was bought out and offered NO customer service shortly after I bought them. Issue was the fan spindle bearings started making an ungodly screeching noise. One had to be replaced, the other still works with occasional squawks.

    So, I am pleased overall, good upgrade for an excellently frugal price.
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