DDR2 Memory/ASUS P5N-D motherboard

I just purchased a ASUS P5N-D motherboard. I would like to max out the board with 8g of DDR2 memory. Looking for recommendations on the brand of memory to use on the board. Also, wanted to see if I could overclock the memory.
Looking for people to share their experience who have the same board and the type of memory that works best with the board.

Also, would anyone recommend cooling the memory? I saw a product called Crab memory cooler. Is it worth the money?


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  1. Kingston, Corsair, any name brand with good reviews will do.
    If you wanna over clock get memory sticks with the heat sink but I don't know if you'd need a memory cooler.
  2. I was thinking of using Corsair. I found this link on Tigerdirect.com


    It appears to be good memory at a good cost. What does everyone think?
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