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Ok left my backup computer on all night last night and it was off when i got up. Tried turning it on and it just flashed and barely spun the fans. Some reason i decided to take the 7800gtx gfx card out and try it. It stayed on... grabbed my 9800gt out of the computer I'm on now and tried it. Got farther then the 7800gtx but it still stopped at failed to load operating system. I tried the 7800gtx in this system and did the same thing just flashed and barely spun the fans. So is it just the gfx card that burnt out and i just need to reformat or psu couldnt handle my 9800gt or could more of it be fried??
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  1. I was thinking about trying to reformat it with this gfx card in but am worried it could get fried 2
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